Savernake 5.3%


“The Stout Without”

Savernake. Our delicious gluten free stout. Full bodied very black beer with aromas of licorice, roasted coffee, chocolate with a delicate pleasant aftertaste. This barley and oat brewed beer is certified as Gluten Free and is well below the required level of 20 parts per million. It is also unfined and therefore vegan. Launched at The Vaults, Devizes on 30th January

Gluten Free beer has traditionally been brewed with gluten free grains such as sorghum, maize and rice and although there are some good ones, in general they don’t live up to expectations of a proper malted barley beer. By using a newly discovered procedure we have been able to effectively strip out the gluten content from this beer and as gluten itself adds nothing to beer, there is no flavour loss. Each batch has to be tested before release and for this we send our samples to Neogen Europe in Scotland who are UKAS Accredited.  Neogen test to the R5 ELISA method as shown on the Coeliac UK website here 

We are also very proud to supply Savernake to Pieminister in their delicious award winning (British Pie Awards 2016) Gluten Free Moo Pie which launched in September 2016 and can be currently bought online or in various Waitrose stores across the UK.  You can read about the pie here and see a list of Waitrose stockists here.

For this beer to be served as Gluten Free Real Ale, it is important that the outlet serving the beer has thoroughly sterilised their beer lines and taps to avoid cross contamination from other ales that have gluten content. We are quite particular about where we will allow this to be sold as Gluten Free Real Ale. Should you have any concerns about an outlet serving Savernake please contact us immediately.

We do not use any form of finings in this beer so it is also suitable for vegans.

Bottled Savernake is sterile filtered rather than bottle conditioned.

Savernake is currently available in the following formats.

9 Gallon Cask (Firkin)

4.5 Gallon Cask (Pin)

330ml bottles  x 12 (NOW AVAILABLE)


Savernake Forest is a 4500 acre ancient forest between Marlborough and Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire. It has been there for over 1000 years and has never changed ownership in that time throughout 31 generations of the same family and is the only privately owned ancient forest in Great Britain. It is home to several ancient oak trees including the Big Belly Oak that is depicted on our pump clip and drawn by Chantal Bourgonje of Great Cheverell in Wiltshire. This tree is situated on the A345 directly alongside the road. The Kennet & Avon Canal passes directly underneath the forest via the Bruce Tunnel after which our porter beer is named. See more info here