Rusty Lane 4.4%

Rusty Lane. A rusty coloured Irish style red ale with rounded toffee malt flavour and floral hop finish. A good blokey reddish brown beer!

Awarded Beer of the Festival at West Dorset Camra’s Beer Festival in February 2015. Link here

Rusty Lane is available in the following formats.Rust_Lane_Group_reflect_01

9 Gallon Cask (Firkin)

4.5 Gallon Cask (Pin)

500ml bottles (Gulten Free)


Rusty Lane, in the village of Seend, is part of an old drove road that carried traffic from Seend to Melksham. It crossed the canal via a swing bridge (Bridge 151), and over the railway near to Seend railway station, which closed in 1966. Much of Rusty Lane is now a dirt track and footpath, apartĀ from a short section in Seend which houses the Community Centre and Lye Field Pavilion.